March Newsletter

Dear friends

I hope this finds you well as the days start to draw out.

We're full of optimism for 2024 and there's all sorts of positive things happening behind the scenes but, for now, we just can't wait to get out on the road again! We have two weekends of rehearsals (yes we all have day jobs 😁) and then it's off to the Netherlands to play the Boerderij.

Before I get into it, could I ask for your help? We've set up a BandsInTown profile to help spread the word on tour dates but... in order to become a 'verified' artist we need a minimum of 100 'followers'. So we'd be really grateful if you're up for following the link below, clicking the red 'follow' button and entering an email address. We're listed as Solstice UK and it's easy on desktop but, on your phone, you may need to download the app. Thank you!!



Firstly... WOW!! We had a call from Hawkwind inviting us to open their Manchester Academy 1 show on April 4th. Sounds amazing!

The first time we played the same stage was Stonehenge Free Festival 1984 and then again, a little more recently, at '2 Days Prog +1' 2022 in Italy. They saw our set and contacted us soon afterwards about playing together... these things take time but here we are! 😁


Another show now confirmed for later in the year at Trading Boundaries and what a great venue this is. More of a supper club really, in an intimate setting with great food and... it's the home of Roger Dean's Gallery! Ticket prices looked scary but apparently these gigs are incredibly popular and the food, venue and staff are all fantastic; so maybe for a special occasion? 

If you get to one show this year please try and make it the 100 Club, London. Of course we want every gig to be a success but for reasons I can't go into just now, your support this gig would be so appreciated! 

I'm delighted to say that tickets are going well and it should be a great night, so please join us if you can.

Grab a ticket here


Here's the full gig list for 2024 and tickets for all shows are available from our website here



Bringing Audiences Together

Vancouver based musician, Michael Dunn, is a man on a mission to find ways to help independent artists create a sustainable business model and Michael's testing some innovative ideas that could benefit both artists and supporters. He also has the skills to articulate them and the drive to make things happen. 

One simple but potentially powerful example is the Spotify playlist Michael's curating. It mixes the huge names we know and love with smaller artists you'll enjoy discovering. If you're a Spotify user please check it out and click the + sign to add it to your library. Michael will be adding new material weekly along with featuring the artists' stories behind the songs in social media posts. 

Here's that playlist link


Andy's Guitar Corner

Another playlist with a couple of updates 😁

For anyone who's been having a go at Long Gone, Jess did a lovely thing for me and transcribed the guitar part which you can download here!

All the guitar tutorials are on Youtube here including the latest addition, Home, from the Light Up album. Drop me a message if you have any other requests.


And finally... just out, a video from our show last September at the inaugural Pulterkammer Festival in Hamar, Norway. The brilliant MEER invited us and Ebony to play their hometown and what a beautiful day it was!  

Graham Stead (@StudioSteadPhotographic) brought his camera to the show and shot this from the back of the room. Somehow he's managed to edit the footage to look like a multicam shoot. Amazing! Thank you Graham!


As ever, we are so grateful for your support and hope to see you at a show soon.

Love and thanks from us all!
Andy, Jenny, Jess, Peter, Robin, Steven, Ebony and Dyane X

PS Please consider supporting the band by becoming a Guardian. None of this would be possible our incredible Guardians 🥰