The Stables Milton Keynes

The Stables Milton Keynes

A couple weeks on from Cropredy and we were at Towersey Festival for another fab weekend. It's our second year playing the superb Venue65 stage and I've a feeling we'll be back 👌

​It's a busy weekend for me, Jenny and Jess with 3 other ceilidh's/concerts with The Party Band and 3sticks so we all come back fulfilled and exhausted. 
Follow this link for a flavour😁

Fast forward another week and it was time for the Stables show. This is another gig we've wanted to play for years and previuosly only managed a support to Fish there back in... 2013 I think? So it was great to be invited and then amazing to see the support for the show as tickets started to fly out. By Friday the venue were selling seats reserved for staff! Our first truly sold out show and so encouraging at a time when it's still very difficult for smaller bands to make live shows work.

On that note we are so sorry to have had to pull our Kidderminster show on Oct 14th. The few advanced tickets have been offered refunds and the prog legends who'd planned to attend informed. I'll say no more 😉 

Back to the Stables and there hasn't been a vibe at a Solstice gig like it since the Marquee Club in 1983/4. It was just extraordinary. The audience were unbelievable! If you came, thank you so so much for making this a night we'll never forget. And the diversity of those attending! Prog husbands brought their wives and some their children. It was so good to see a multi-generational audience and far more women coming along to listen. Wonderful!! 

Once again that exceptional creative, Howard Rankin, brought along his camera. Here's just a handful of the numerous moments captured. Legend!
Anticipating that this could be a special show for us we, again arranged to film it. Harry Hole and Jon Clay, who worked on the Grand Chapel Studios videos (when they were still in sixth form!) set up cameras and shot the gig. In the days since, Harry's been working on an edit, and wow! what difference a great video editor makes, this is the best live Solstice video I've seen.

As with Cropredy, we'll put the whole show out at some point but here's Harry's first crack at Sacred Run from The Stables.
Talking of videos, in case you missed it, this is the third in the Grand Chapel Studios series
So just a couple more shows this year but we're already booked into quite a few venues and festivals for 2024, including a nice London show coming up in the spring, so please watch this space for dates.

Next weekend we're off to Norway to play Pulterkammer with the amazing MEER. Info here 
And finally to Gt Yarmouth for HRH Prog12 on Nov 11th. We're well aware of the concerns about HRH but I can assure you that, if there's a stage for us to play on... we'll be there.

Ebony Buckle and Nick Burns will be playing new music from her beautiful forthcoming album at Pulterkammer so we can't wait!!
Stables 2023
Finally, once again, a huge thank you to all and especially to our Guardians, who make everything we do possible. If you're interested in becoming a Guardian find out more here 

Hope to see you soon!
Love and thanks from us all
Andy X